Aircraft ownership doesn’t have to be complex or daunting. Choosing an Aviatech Aircraft Management Service takes away the stress and the burden of owning and operating an aircraft, leaving you free to concentrate on your business or lifestyle whilst we take care of the day-to-day business of operating and maintaining your aircraft.

Whether you choose a full turn-key service or a personalised program based on your specific needs Aviatech’s team of experts will ensure your aircraft is well maintained, operated to the highest standards, fully compliant with DGCA regulations, and aircraft’s asset value is preserved to maximise resale value.

Our Deliverables

Full range of aircraft management services, delivered under one contract. Can be relied-upon for the life of your aircraft ownership:

    • Pre-Purchase Inspection Oversight and Completion Monitoring

    • Aircraft Registration & Importation

    • Dispatch Services

    • Crewing and Scheduling

    • Flight Planning

    • CAMO & Maintenance Programs

    • Parts Procurement & Inventory Management

    • AOG Support

    • DGCA Compliance & Accountable Manager

    • Charter Services

    • Accounting, Billing & Reporting

Collaborative guidance in informed decision-making and expert advice to determine the most suitable solutions for aircraft management requirements.

Efficient maintenance and operation of aircraft to reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

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